9 Must Have Couple Photos for Wedding

Our favorite Couple Photos for your wedding day!

1. Forehead Kiss.

This is an intimate moment shared during the couple photos that we love to capture. The Bride will hold onto his arm and lightly intwine her fingers with his.


2.So Close, yet so far away

The moment before the kiss. The still silent as you lean into each other.



Forehead touching pose3.Forehead Touch

So serene. With the lack of privacy on your wedding day, take this moment to just breathe together.



Looking Back Pose4. The Chase

Your wedding day is packed , try a less formal pose by capturing the couple escaping from the action of the big day! Groom leads while bride takes a quick peek back to photographer.



old hollywood pose5. The Old Hollywood

A timeless romantic pose. Groom stands facing the bride while the bride’s back is to the camera. This is also a chance to capture the details of the back of the dress. The Bride will bring her  arm up and softly wrap it around the grooms neck. This captures the profile of both the bride and groom while keeping the body language soft yet structured.


6. Under the Veil

These are my favorite moments. During your Bride/Groom Portraits, take a moment to wrap up in your long gorgeous veil.



First Look7. The First Look

This perhaps, is the most single important pose that has come along recently. It’s a semi-pose because it’s set up. There are different ways to do your first look, but make sure your photographer is able to capture the bride and grooms reactions. Plus, a first look away from the guests means that your nerves will be calmed when it comes time to walk down the isle.



grand exit, couple wedding photo8. The Getaway

Whatever your plan for your exit may be, your photographer will be sure to capture the moment.



Lost in this moment Couple Wedding Photo9. Lost in this moment with you

Get lost in each other. Forget that you are being photographed. The most natural poses will be your favorite photos.



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