father-daughter dance, ricks place coweta

Father-Daughter dance

Father-Daughter Dance

They have unknowingly practiced her whole life for this moment. From standing on his toes dancing around the ¬†living room to the Valentine’s Day Father-Daughter dance at the Community Center.
Every girls first hero is her dad. He sets the bar for every man who will enter into her life.
The memories of holding her for the first time in the delivery room, kissing her knees while teaching her to ride without training wheels and comforting her after her first heartbreak all come flooding back when he sees her step out of the Bridal Suite. He fights back the tears as she interlocks her arm with his.
Onto the longest walk of his life. Walking her down the isle to the man he will intrust with her future. As he says “Her mother and I” and kisses her on the cheek, he can rest assured that she will be okay.


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