8 Must have Bridal Portraits

Bridal Portraits are an important part of your Wedding album. Be sure to have your photographer capture all the Must have shots of you on your big day!


1.Behind the Veil

How many times in your life will you actually wear a veil? Be sure to capture soft, romantic images of you “hiding” behind it. Not all brides will wear them. It is just personal preference. If you do decide to wear a veil, have your photographer get up close for some interesting bridal portraits or for some couple photos.

2. All about the dress

Your dress is probably the number one most important garment of your big day. So take as many bridal portraits as you can in your gown. If there are special or intricate details, your photographer will be sure to photograph them. Remember… it’s all about the dress!

3. At your Venue

You didn’t decide lightly on the place you & your spouse would exchange vows. Embrace the space! Have a few Bridal Portraits taken with your venue as the backdrop. Most venues take pride in their aesthetics and will have dreamy areas around the property that will make your Bridal Portraits pop!

4. In Motion

Move around in your gown. Walk towards the camera. Twirl. Glide. Giving your pictures a more natural (in the moment) look. Most of the time, candid photos in between posing are some of the best portraits to remember your wedding day.

5. All the Beauty

You have had your hair done & paid a professional for the perfect makeup application. Let your photographer get up close & personal to capture your beauty.


6. Beaming Bride

Raw emotions and candid moments make for great memories. Don’t hold back.

7. Full Length

From head to toe and every angle. Leave nothing out! Every Bride wants a full shot of their dress!


8. Magic Hour

Sunset is the most flattering light. Take advantage of the Natural golden light of the evening sun. Sometimes this isn’t possible due to the weather, but a seasoned photographer will have plenty of ideas to provide beautiful Bridal Portraits no matter what.

sunset portraits


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