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Whether you just got engaged or are in the process of planning your dream wedding- I will show you how wedding details are one of the most important aspects of your big day.

It’s all about the details

Wedding details should be considered just as important as picking out your dress. As your guests start making their way down the aisle to find their seats, the wedding details tell a story before the ceremony: Who you are. What your taste is. It could be a candle lit reception symbolizing how strong your love burns for one another, or it could be real flowers  flowing out the doors, on every ledge & table, giving a relaxed feeling that sets everyone at ease.

We utilize the details in your wedding as backdrops for creative imaging. The ring shots and wedding detail shots we take always incorporate your style based off your wedding details.

When it comes to planning an unforgettable wedding. It’s all in the details. Invitations, flowers, bouquet, centerpieces, wedding colors and more. Here are some of the things I’m talking about:



Every bride planning her wedding always thinks about the bouquet. That’s why you hardly ever see a bad one. What about the details that are usually last minute? Like the decorative flowers seen on the sides of pews? How about the flowers around the front during the ceremony, or maybe some flowers in the bridesmaids’ hair?  Most people don’t think about it until it’s too late. The last minute scramble shows in pictures and on your guests faces. The floral details you use need to be thought out ahead of time to insure your wedding looks well coordinated and stylish.

Wedding colors

All the colors in the details- including the wall colors, ceiling colors etc.. need to be taken into account when you are planning your wedding. For example, your wedding colors are Pastel Pink and Pale Blue. The venue you were going to choose with the gorgeous Stained concrete floors isn’t available for your date so you end up settling on this venue down the street with the dark green carpet without putting much thought into it.

Then it is time for your ceremony to begin. You show up and start getting ready paying no attention to the floor you are walking on.  A few weeks later your photographer that you spent good money with, delivers your album. The pictures reflect what everyone saw and it now stands out to you like a sore thumb. Simply because of last minute overlooked wedding details.

We as photographers, want YOU to have gorgeous pictures- because WE want gorgeous pictures! Most photographers will even Lend a helping hand when choosing colors or creating a custom timeline to help lighten the stress of planning such a wonderful day. We are those photographers. When you book with us you will be added into an elite group of Brides and Groom who have booked with us. We share weekly tips  much like the ones posted here.


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Be secretive 

Try to keep most of the ideas to yourself or maybe just between you and your bridal party. You’ll want  to leave the element of surprise to your guests. You want them to be awe-struk when they see the gorgeous floral arbor and the 3′ cascading white rose centerpieces on the tables at the reception.

For more ideas and tips- Check out some of my boards on Pinterest.

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