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Rosa & Clint’s Wedding Hidden Porch Catoosa

The Hidden Porch

Rosa and Clint’s wedding at The beautiful Hidden Porch Catoosa is one for the books! Not only was it at one of the most Beautiful venues in Catoosa, Oklahoma, but the day itself was gorgeous! The powerful rolling clouds with a chance of rain,  to the fresh spring air seldomly blowing. There was no way that the ceremony would be moved to the backup (indoor) location! The seats were filling up as Rosa’s heart beat faster. Clint stands at the end of the aisle waiting patiently for her to take the first steps down the flight of stairs… His eyes didn’t stay dry for long, but as always with this couple, Laughter and smiles weren’t far behind.

Rosa & Clint’s vows

The vows were heartfelt, the promises to the kids left everyone wiping their eyes. Their joyous smiles appeared again when the official announced “You may kiss your bride!” This was undoubtedly Clint’s favorite part of the wedding. As they embrace each other for the moment & turn to the family and friends who have come to witness this amazing joining of two wonderful people-They realize, This IS our forever. The memories of the first time they met, the first kiss, the moment he got on one knee. Has all led to this.


Finally married

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Rosa & Clint came to the front as man and woman, they are now leaving as one. They get a few moments to themselves as the guests make their way to the reception area. After all the family portraits are done and the guests have all made their way to cocktail bar. It is once again time for them to breathe and take in this moment. Last but not least it’s time for the Bride & Groom portraits. This is one of our favorite (as well as their) times of the evening. We take Clint & Rosa aside for a few shots of their own. We start in an open area surrounded by twinkling Christmas lights of this dreamy venue and end in the beautiful Swing with a charming overhead Chandelier.  There has never been an outdoor venue quite like this one here at The Hidden Porch Catoosa.


The night closes in

It’s  the end of the night, the dancing commenced and the guests were gone. it was time to call it a night.  Such a laid back, fun-loving couple and group of family & friends. Yes, we were hired as the photographers but are certainly blessed with lifelong friends. We love watching our couples and their families grow as the years pass. We appreciate being able to witness their union & look forward to witnessing yours as well.






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