Let’s introduce ourselves, about us

Let’s Introduce Ourselves…

Summertime, baby cuddles, about us,

Let’s introduce ourselves,

Welcome to our “about us” page! My name is Angela, and I am obsessed with photography! Especially Wedding photography! My passion for photography started back  in 2009 when my husband bought me a camera for Christmas. I enjoyed taking pictures of our first born every-single-day. My stepfather was a wedding photographer himself. He always gave me camera pointers and at the time, I was sometimes too busy and unknowingly took our time for granted. In 2012 we found out he had cancer and Heaven opened its gates to him late 2013. My regrets, started my and my husbands photography passion, to give you cherished memories.   ….”because you want to remember forever.”

Photos are a way of capturing the moment -we do this as well as tell the story of the moment. They are the staple pieces of the home. I just wish that I had more wall space to show off ALL of our memories and special  moments. Knowing that our youngest will be our last- we try to take advantage of all the milestones that we may have overlooked or taken advantage of the first…& second time around.




   Makayla (KK)

With our oldest coming into her own. Getting ready to do her first pageant, having a cell phone & a diva attitude. She doesn’t like to place herself in front of my lens as much About usas I would like, but I do steal the moments when she lets me. She is the one who made us parents, the first one to test our patience.

To make usAbout us laugh until we cried, to make us sleep deprived, to make us question our existence before becoming parents. She has been our golden child. The best big sister to her duo of wild siblings. She is caring, compassionate, and at times a total slob. 🙂  I can’t remember life before her. From a bald headed little smiley gal to a grown girl with a big heart we have watched her grow.

Being in the double digits- dealing with the pressures of end of the year school testing-and being a kid: She is pretty great. She made us parents. But what she DIDN’T do was prep us for our second daughter!




Brianna (Bri)

About us, Bri, unicorn

   She surprises us and at times disappoints us. We often scratch our head trying to ponder what is going on in hers. She is a terrible little sister but is an awesome big sister. She has gone from being my stay-at-home sidekick to a school attending Kindergartner. Her teacher adores her as does everyone who meets her. So much energy whether it is positive or negative.

Presley Belle, PJ, Hey you!)


Pj, about us,Being the last and youngest of 3 girls has its perks and lows. Often I have to run through every other name before I finally decide on “Hey you, whatever your name is!” She knows she is the baby and milks it as much as possible.Pj, about us



She loves mimicking her sisters, getting into their things, and testing boundaries. I would be lying if I said I didn’t make them yield to her way 90% of the time to make her happy. She has a huge personality. She is as cute as she is mean.



And then there is this Guy!

Anthony (dad, husband)
About us

   I would definitely not be who I am or where I am without him. Being with someone for 13 years does something to you. You can’t imagine life without them, you can’t remember life before them. That is how I feel about him. He is my biggest coach as well as cheerleader. The BEST dad to our wonderful kids and the hardest worker I know.



About us


   Our girls love it when they hear the truck pull up because it means “Daddy is home.” To each of them that is a different thing.
Makayla: Daddy is home a.k.a Time to kick around the soccer ball, throw the football,  talk off his ear about something in science class she learned at school today.
Brianna: Daddy is home a.k.a “Guess what…” “Guess What…” or maybe he brought her a donut home, or skittles.
Presley: Daddy is home a.k.a “Time to go outside and shadow daddy as he waters the yard, time to go for a drive around the block, or let’s go see what project we can find to start on in the garage.”
Me: Daddy is home a.k.a “Kisses, take the kids I need a break.” But come 10pm. Put the kids to bed, hang out on the couch and get to enjoy each others company. Whether we talk about the day, the future, or just turn on the T.V only to engulf ourselves in our phones- I totally enjoy his company and wouldn’t want anyone other than him on the couch next to me.
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