How to prepare for rain on your wedding day

8 tips to prepare for rain on your Wedding Day

Rainy weather doesn’t mean your wedding is ruined. There are plenty of ways to prepare for the possibility of a little drizzle, and the presence of rain can actually lend your wedding—and your photos—an even more unique and possibly romantic vibe. So whether you’re planning well ahead of time or scrambling at the last minute, check out these tips for dealing with rain on your wedding day.

1. Develop a Plan B you absolutely love


The most obvious way to plan for rain is to have a backup plan, but when you’re choosing a Plan B for your big day, don’t just settle for the closest available indoor venue. Instead, take some time to put planning and thought into your backup plan and make sure there are parts of it that you’re really looking forward to. That way, if you do have to move indoors, you won’t be devastated at the change of venue. 

2. Keep Everyone in the Loop.

If there’s any chance of rain, it’s important to let everyone involved in the wedding and your guests know about your backup plan. This is where a wedding website can really come in handy! If it looks like rain in the days leading to your wedding, you can tell everyone about the change of venue and to come prepared for rainy weather and muddy ground. If you’re getting married during a month that’s particularly prone to inclement weather, consider including a card in your invitations that lets all your guests know the rainy day plan.

3.Talk to your vendors

When you meet with your vendors, be sure to ask them how they deal with rain. Be sure to stay in touch with them about the forecast if it is looking iffy. Some vendors may have to tweak their schedule to make rainy day preparations. Maybe your venue has a location with an indoor ceremony option. If you are planning on a field, an empty barn offers endless possibilities.

Don’t fret about rainy day photos! The rain will help you create some really magical and unique wedding images.

4. Plan your day as if it will rain

Take time to consider how rain would affect every aspect of your wedding and plan accordingly. After all, you’re better safe than sorry, and having a plan in place for inclement weather will save you a lot of stress if it does rain the day of. Think about everything, from your guests’ arrival to your ceremony details, and build a schedule with plenty of wiggle room and accommodations for an unexpected rainfall.

5. Have matching accessories ready to go

You can do so many things with umbrellas now. Have each bridesmaids carry one down the isle with her. Make them as modern or as colorful as you want. Jump off the deep end with matching rain-boots as well.

6. Think about the little things

Umbrellas and waterproof mascara are an obvious must! Consider all the details that rain may affect. Have extra towels handy for guests and the wedding party or think about having a few hair dryers in the bathrooms. Choose a hairdo that’s less likely to get frizzy with all the moisture in the air and consider having a reception dress, just in case you need something dry to change into.

7. Keep things cozy


If you’re concerned about rain, consider making your reception a little cozier. You can have a hot chocolate bar or serve warm cider to keep your guests toasty. You can even offer blankets that guests can wrap up in. It may not be formal, but it’ll definitely be fun, and your chilled guests are sure to appreciate it! Anything to make your photos more unique is also a plus!

8. Don’t be afraid to embrace the rain

If the movies have taught us anything, it’s that expressing your love in the rain is incredibly romantic! Lean into that feeling and just relax and enjoy your day. It may not be exactly what you imagined, but in the end the boy gets the girl, so it’s still an awesome day!

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