9 Tips for Planning a Fool Proof Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

1. Keep your guests comfortable.

During the wedding planning process, keep your guests in mind. They are here for you after all. If it will be sunny— prepare fans, sunglasses, or even moist wipes equipped with sunscreen. If you are leaning more towards the chillier month you may consider blankets as an option. Hot chocolate is also a cute idea!

2. Create a Backup plan you love.

Having a backup indoor plan for your outdoor wedding is a smart choice, but make sure it’s a plan that makes your heart content. Of course, your dream ceremony will take place outdoors, but if you don’t have things you love about your backup plan, you’re headed for huge disappointment if the weather turns ugly. Make sure to incorporate fun details into your Plan B so that your wedding day will be a blast no matter where it takes place. While wedding planning, plan a few rainy day portraits you love!

3. Plan your hair and makeup accordingly.

Check the weather and talk with your hairstylist about wind-proofing your style. They will have great tips and suggestions for the perfect hairstyle based on the weather and humidity. This goes for your makeup as well. If the weather is going to be humid you want to make sure that your makeup won’t run and ruin your portraits. A professional artist will make sure that your makeup holds up against any weather.

4. Dress for the Terrain.

Consider the terrain of your wedding venue when deciding on a wedding gown. You may consider purchasing a second gown for your reception if your wedding will be during the warmer months. You don’t want to be overheating when everyone else is on the dance floor. You’ll also want to put some thought into your shoes, as sharp heels can sink into grass or soft ground. Make sure your shoes are comfortable and easy to walk in.

5. Keep your guests updated.

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Use your wedding website or facebook page to keep everyone up to speed on any changes due to weather. Your website is also a great place to let guests know what to expect from your ceremony. Guests will be appreciative of any tips you can offer, such as– what to wear, “The reception will be held outside on the grass, heels are discouraged.” Your guests will be thankful for any information ahead of time that will make them feel more prepared—and there will be less complaining about the weather or the outdoor venue.

6. Communicate with your vendors.

Not only should you let all your vendors know about both your outside wedding and your backup plan, but you should also ask them for advice. Chances are they’ve all worked at outdoor weddings before and can offer some tips for setting up the decor, best location for perfect lighting at your ceremony time, and any other concerns you may have. The more advice you can get, the better equipped you’ll be!

 7. Consider a sound system.

Unless you’re having a pretty small group, it can be hard for guests in the back rows to hear what’s being said during the ceremony. Being outside you may have to talk over the wind and other outside noises. A simple sound system is an easy fix. Ask your DJ if they can provide one. Your venue may offer something as well. You can use lavalier mics if hand held microphones will be too distracting.

8. Plan Transportation.

If there is a good distance between your ceremony and the reception area, talk to the venue about means of transportation they offer for your guests. Most large venues have golf carts or shuttles on hand.

9. Be flexible.

Your wedding may not go exactly as you planned, and that’s okay! Just roll with it and make the most of every moment. Prepare for rain, have umbrellas on hand for some romantic rainy portraits in case of a shift in the weather. Instead of worrying about what may go wrong, enjoy what goes right and remember that the most important thing is you’re finally married to your soul mate!



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