Why you should print through your photographer

Reasons to Print through your Photographer

I have always been a lover of flipping through photo albums at any given chance. To relive the memories through something tangible, there is no better feeling.

We live in such a digital age that the next generation will be left with sim cards and hard drives full of moments they won’t remember. I urge my clients to print their portraits. Leave the future something to hold.

Below is an example of why I believe you should leave the printing up to your photographer.

Reason to Print N0. 1

I had a client reach out to me because she was ready to place her gallery order. One of the images she requested was a 16×24 wrapped canvas. When I uploaded the image into my lab I was not happy with the crop and knew that I had to make adjustments to it. I took the photo into photoshop and did the necessary editing to make sure that when I placed the final image back in the lab that it would look like it should.

Most clients do not understand the extra work that goes into making sure your image fits perfectly into the size requested. Your photographer has access to the original file and can make alterations to the RAW file without sacrificing quality.

I know that sometimes when you see the prices of your photographers prints, you might Gasp! a little on the inside and decide to go to some chain store to save money. Your photographer has your best interest in mind when you order through them. I make sure that every image ordered fits into the desired size perfectly. Sometimes I may even tweak it a little bit just to make sure that it is 100%!

No. 2

The paper my professional lab uses is top quality as well. It is safe from fading. Your photo may hang on a wall that is prone to have sunlight on it, the UV safe paper used protects your investment.

The ink from the chain stores is equivalent to that found in your printer at home. The color corrections are anything but correct & images can come out grainy and distorted.

No. 3

My job doesn’t end when I hit “submit order.” I continue working for you even after you package arrives. I hand check every image I receive before delivering it to you. I do fully trust my lab, but I work for you and don’t leave any stone unturned.

You receive your investment in a beautifully wrapped boutique box that I will proudly put my name and brand on. I LOVE mail day. Something about seeing my clients printed out and laid in front of me makes me giddy. I know that they will be just as happy as I am when they open it up.

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