The real deal since Day 1

Our Love Story….


Day 1

Day 1. When my husband and I met, it was love at first sight- for both of us. In our years together we have only went 5 or 6 days apart. Seriously, since day one of meeting. How did we meet? I went out with his friend who had been pursuing me for weeks. Mistake? For his friend. Hahaha! Not sure that he saw it going that way.

Day 3…& 4

Day 3- He said “I love you.” I resisted a reply… hahaha

On Day 4- I said it back [had to play hard to get, of course.]

Day 9

The moment he knows that he has “The One” & he is certain that Forever is the only route to go from here- comes the engagement.

Day 9 was the day that we had dinner at T.G.I. Friday’s. I guess you could call it ‘our place.’ Not that we had many days to really establish many other places. After dinner he took me to riverside to the pedestrian bridge for a nightly walk across it. My gut had let me know that this was the day he was going to ask me. One doesn’t just get all dolled up [and extremely nervous] unless she knows something is up.  See, he wasn’t the only one who was certain that forever was our destination.  I remember the heel of my pink jelly shoes getting stuck in between the boards of the walkway. I remember blushing & feeling like I was in a movie as he knelt down on one knee and asked the most meaningful question of my life [aside from, “Do you want Tacos?]  “YESSS!”

Day 735

We set our “I Do’s” for day 735. 727 days after he proposed.  We didn’t plan on waiting that long, but life happens. This was the day that I married my best friend- my other half. I remember every step of the planning process. Designing the invitations. Picking out the florals. Deciding our colors. I enjoyed every bit of it. It is crazy how we brides rack our brains for so many months to make the 11 minutes of the ceremony so perfect. That eleven minute video is my favorite. Walking down the aisle to meet him at the other end. Our first Kiss as Mr. & Mrs. Brewster. Exiting the ceremony together. Nothing could complete me more.

Day 4,909

14 years, 3 kids, many laughs, many tears & 0 regrets later.

Never did I think that we could be more into each other that we were when we first met. But Here we are. I am absolutely smitten with this man. We still make each other laugh. The kids make us crazy. We are the reason for each others’ insanity as well as what keeps each of us sane.

Marriage is the best thing in life. We love being married. Celebrating together someone else’s love at each wedding we photograph is like date night to us. When we get home and I sit down to import the photos from the day, I find several photos that he has taken of me. I have taken the same amount, if not more, of him.

I can not wait to grow old with him.

If you are getting married or know someone who is- please contact us so we can be a part of it with you.

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