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Luis & Mayra’s Engagement

Luis & Mayra’s Engagement session

Young love is strong & powerful. It is fierce and holds on with everything it has. It is unbreakable- unshakable. With all of these ingredients Forever is undeniable. Luis & Mayra’s engagement session proved this to be true!

That is exactly what I saw when I met Mayra & Luis at the Local Nature Park for their engagement session. These two are stunningly beautiful as their own persons- but putting them together: A whole different level of modelesque.  Every smile was real.  Every kiss was spontaneous.



I can just imagine Luis’ face as Mayra walks down the aisle this upcoming Summer day at their wedding. All eyes on them but they only have eyes for each other.  Her beautiful brown eyes will stare at up him as he lifts her vail. This is his forever-his wifey for lifey. They may be young now-which is the best thing they have going on. They get to love each other longer. Stronger. Harder. Isn’t that we all wish in life? That we could have meant our spouse sooner, so we could love them longer?


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