Invitation Suites

Facebook Official

When you get engaged the first thing people do nowadays is make it “facebook official.”

As real as it is to you in that first moment, it becomes reality to your friends and family when they open their mailbox & find your wedding invitation inside.


You will incorporate your wedding colors and style into the personalization of each invitation. There will be sleepless nights over which font to choose- ‘the script or the arabic script’. These are details that may seem so minute, but make all the difference in personalizing it to you.

On your wedding day

Once you mail your invitations, you may feel that is the end of the line for your hard work. I ask every bride to bring an invitation with them to their ceremony. I LOVE to incorporate your invitation suite into your detail shots. Paired with florals from your bouquet, your grandmothers rings or anything else that adds your style to the shot. I have had the pleasure of working with so many gorgeous invitations.

What will yours look like?

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