“Should I do first looks”?

First looks the new trend

It isn’t the traditional way of waiting for your groom to see his bride as she walks towards him down the isle. It does however, offer you a few special moments together on your most special (& busiest) day.   Most couples are opting to see each other before their I Do’s. I want to hit on a few Pro’s of why I feel this is something every couple should consider for their wedding day.


You’re my clarity

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First looks

If you are like me then your significant other is often your breath of fresh air. Your clarity amongst the chaos. Something about seeing them just makes everything else stand still and seem so small. 

Even if it is just for a brief moment. Just a glance may be all you need to calm the swarm of emotions building up inside you.

Cocktail Hour

How many times are you at a wedding during the reception wondering when the Dynamic duo are going to make their grand entrance? Most of the time the Family Portraits and Couple Photos follow the ceremony. This cuts into the time that the couple gets to spend at cocktail hour. The time that they could be mingling with their guests that have traveled to share in this special union. By doing First looks, you can shorten the time you leave your guests alone at the open bar. macrame, glass chapel, tulsa wedding, broken arrow, cocktail hour

Bridal Party & Family Portraits

First looks isn’t just for the bride and groom. You can knock out the bridal party portraits as well as a majority of family shots following your first looks.

Let your family know to arrive an hour before the ceremony is to start for their moment in front of the camera. Family portraits can be short and sweet following the ceremony. But by waiting until the open bar has open, you are chancing many members detouring to cocktail hour before making their way to the designated area for that group shot. We all have that one Uncle Bob who might be stumbling into the family portraits if given the chance to start celebrating early. Most people would rather be at the bar mingling than having to pose for portraits anyway.


Talk to your Photographer

If you have already discussed doing first looks to your photographer then they have already scouted out that perfect location. They have judged the area. Made sure that it is a secure area away from the guests. A place of serenity where the light will lay around you just perfectly. Somewhere to capture the look of your soon to be spouse’s reaction as they see you for the first time in your Wedding gown you spent countless hours searching for.

If you are worried about ruining the surprise of your groom seeing you from the end of the isle, You aren’t!  There are so many emotions on this day. As you see each other from opposite ends of the isle those emotions will surface. You will both laugh. He will most certainly cry. You photographer will capture it all!


What is your decision?

There is nothing wrong with keeping it traditional. It has worked for so many couples since the beginning. Be sure to group with your photographer about creating a timeline that will ensure you make the most of your time & your cocktail hour! Hahahaha!

I hope this has helped any questions you may have about First Looks. Be sure to Follow our blog for weekly posts.




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