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The bridal hair

It is no surprise that the Bride spends hours in the salon chair getting her hair curled, waved, braided or neatly pinned to her liking. Every girl has grown up with the Disney Princess wedding dream in their head. From Belle’s soft curls coming down from her neatly tucked bun, to Snow Whites perfectly cut bob with a subtle red bow a top her head. Every girl has exact expectations for her bridal hair!

The Planning

There are so many new trends to take into consideration as well as timeless traditions. Maybe you have a certain “dreamy” hairstyle in mind, or maybe you have a veil that has been passed down through the generations that you are expected to wear.  How will you tie it in? what is expected of you or what do YOU want?

Tons of questions may be running though your head. You could have a handful of different hairstyles and need time to narrow them down. Planning the perfect wedding takes time, but in doin so you can be absolutely sure about what you want.

Planning, knowing what you want and communicating well with both your Hair & Makeup Artist as well with us as your Photographers, will make for a stress-free day while we get the amazing detail shots you want! Bad moods from last minute decisions tend to show in pictures and not you nor I want that! If you need help finding a reliable hair and makeup artist, please be sure to ask! We work with many talented vendors and will gladly help you book one!


The Helpers

Bridal hair

We enjoy seeing the little details that brides put into their “Wedding day Do”. I love walking into the bridal suite and being met at the door with the smell of hairspray. From Auquanet- Aussie: My nose hairs are no stranger to the scent of the “freezing liquid in a can.”  The final moments before she leaves to walk down the isle, her bride tribe Bridal hairattends to every detail of keeping her appearance. A slight twist of her birdcage, pulling a curl back into its place or re-adjusting that flower in her hair. They make sure that her hair is Pinterest board worthy.


Why It’s Important

The hairspray has to hold, the bobby pins need to be secured and the curls have to maintain their buoyancy  during the dancing- the mingling- the hundreds of photos taken throughout the day and into the night.

You don’t want your bridal hair anything other than perfect in your wedding pictures, which is why I encourage my brides to invest in a Bridal Portrait session. This is a great time for a trial run of your hair & makeup. I have had a bride completely change up her plan for her wedding day based on the results of her trial run. I will put a link here >>>>             for you to read more about Bridal Portrait Sessions.


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