5 Tips To Look Your Best In Camera

  • Step 1- Always get Engagement photos done by your Wedding Photographer if possible. This give you bonding time with your Photographer as well as gets you comfortable with your Photographers shooting style and posing.
  • Step 2- While posing for a picture, make sure to keep your body at a good angle away from camera while your chin is towards your Photographer. This helps keep double chins out of the picture.
  • Step 3- Shift your weight to one leg. This is what we call popping a leg. Doing this will make for more eye catching flattering curves.
  • Step 4- Try to keep your arms slightly away from your body and a slight bend in your elbow. This prevents looking hefty. This is very important especially if you have a sleeveless dress.
  • Step 5- Remember... Laughter is the most relaxed natural look and makes for the Best pictures. Anytime you are posed in front of the camera, think of the funniest thing that has ever happened to you or just plain out giggle! 
Link to 7 questions to ask your wedding photographer

7 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer


As you’re interviewing potential photographers, take time to determine not just their prices, but also the style and quality of their images and whether their personality would be a good fit for you and your Wedding day. Not sure what to ask? Here are Seven essential questions to ask your Wedding Photographer to get you started.


1. How would you describe your photography style?

Do you have a certain style in mind? Each photographer is different. One photographer may specialize in posed images while another goes for the more candid moments. Maybe you want someone with a good combination of each. Ask to see a full wedding gallery when selecting your photographer. This will give you a better grasp of their style and if they are right for you.


2. Have you shot a wedding at our venue before?

Although it helps if your photographer is familiar with your venue, it isn't a deal-breaker if they haven't shot at your venue before. You can ask if they will be checking it out before the wedding day. This will give them time to familiarize themselves with areas that will make for a great backdrop for your portraits.


3. What’s included in your wedding package?

Make sure you have asked what is included in each different wedding package. Most photographers will have extras you can add on for an additional fee.

Be sure to discuss how many you hours are going to need as well as travel fees to and from your venue.


4. What happens in the event of an emergency?

This is a great and important question to ask. Find out what their Plan B is if they get sick or are unable to make your wedding. You want to make sure that you will receive the wedding photos you want regardless of any circumstance.

5. Can we view full galleries of your recent weddings?

A complete gallery will also help you see if the photographer is consistent with the quality of their images. You might have fallen in love with a photographer’s work when you saw it on their website, but a full gallery from a previous wedding can give you a better idea of the photographer’s style and skill.


6. How long have you been photographing weddings, and how many weddings have you shot?

grand exit

You don't want to hire a photographer who has never photographed a wedding before in charge of capturing all the important moments of your big day. It’s a great idea to ask about your potential photographer’s experience level, as well as their turn around time.


7. What do you love about photographing weddings?

Forehead touching pose

You want a photographer who is as excited about your wedding day as you are! Find someone who is passionate about what they do.


Be sure to write down a list of questions you may have before your consultation with your photographer. Take the time to interview any potential photographer and ask the important questions you may have. This will ensure you have an Awesome Wedding day!


How to prepare for rain on your wedding day

8 tips to prepare for rain on your Wedding Day

Rainy weather doesn’t mean your wedding is ruined. There are plenty of ways to prepare for the possibility of a little drizzle, and the presence of rain can actually lend your wedding—and your photos—an even more unique and possibly romantic vibe. So whether you’re planning well ahead of time or scrambling at the last minute, check out these tips for dealing with rain on your wedding day.

1. Develop a Plan B you absolutely love


The most obvious way to plan for rain is to have a backup plan, but when you’re choosing a Plan B for your big day, don’t just settle for the closest available indoor venue. Instead, take some time to put planning and thought into your backup plan and make sure there are parts of it that you’re really looking forward to. That way, if you do have to move indoors, you won’t be devastated at the change of venue. 

2. Keep Everyone in the Loop.

If there’s any chance of rain, it’s important to let everyone involved in the wedding and your guests know about your backup plan. This is where a wedding website can really come in handy! If it looks like rain in the days leading to your wedding, you can tell everyone about the change of venue and to come prepared for rainy weather and muddy ground. If you’re getting married during a month that’s particularly prone to inclement weather, consider including a card in your invitations that lets all your guests know the rainy day plan.

3.Talk to your vendors

When you meet with your vendors, be sure to ask them how they deal with rain. Be sure to stay in touch with them about the forecast if it is looking iffy. Some vendors may have to tweak their schedule to make rainy day preparations. Maybe your venue has a location with an indoor ceremony option. If you are planning on a field, an empty barn offers endless possibilities.

Don't fret about rainy day photos! The rain will help you create some really magical and unique wedding images.

4. Plan your day as if it will rain

Take time to consider how rain would affect every aspect of your wedding and plan accordingly. After all, you’re better safe than sorry, and having a plan in place for inclement weather will save you a lot of stress if it does rain the day of. Think about everything, from your guests’ arrival to your ceremony details, and build a schedule with plenty of wiggle room and accommodations for an unexpected rainfall.

5. Have matching accessories ready to go

You can do so many things with umbrellas now. Have each bridesmaids carry one down the isle with her. Make them as modern or as colorful as you want. Jump off the deep end with matching rain-boots as well.

6. Think about the little things

Umbrellas and waterproof mascara are an obvious must! Consider all the details that rain may affect. Have extra towels handy for guests and the wedding party or think about having a few hair dryers in the bathrooms. Choose a hairdo that’s less likely to get frizzy with all the moisture in the air and consider having a reception dress, just in case you need something dry to change into.

7. Keep things cozy


If you’re concerned about rain, consider making your reception a little cozier. You can have a hot chocolate bar or serve warm cider to keep your guests toasty. You can even offer blankets that guests can wrap up in. It may not be formal, but it’ll definitely be fun, and your chilled guests are sure to appreciate it! Anything to make your photos more unique is also a plus!

8. Don’t be afraid to embrace the rain

If the movies have taught us anything, it’s that expressing your love in the rain is incredibly romantic! Lean into that feeling and just relax and enjoy your day. It may not be exactly what you imagined, but in the end the boy gets the girl, so it’s still an awesome day!

9 Tips for Planning a Fool Proof Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

1. Keep your guests comfortable.

During the wedding planning process, keep your guests in mind. They are here for you after all. If it will be sunny— prepare fans, sunglasses, or even moist wipes equipped with sunscreen. If you are leaning more towards the chillier month you may consider blankets as an option. Hot chocolate is also a cute idea!

2. Create a Backup plan you love.

Having a backup indoor plan for your outdoor wedding is a smart choice, but make sure it’s a plan that makes your heart content. Of course, your dream ceremony will take place outdoors, but if you don’t have things you love about your backup plan, you’re headed for huge disappointment if the weather turns ugly. Make sure to incorporate fun details into your Plan B so that your wedding day will be a blast no matter where it takes place. While wedding planning, plan a few rainy day portraits you love!

3. Plan your hair and makeup accordingly.

Check the weather and talk with your hairstylist about wind-proofing your style. They will have great tips and suggestions for the perfect hairstyle based on the weather and humidity. This goes for your makeup as well. If the weather is going to be humid you want to make sure that your makeup won't run and ruin your portraits. A professional artist will make sure that your makeup holds up against any weather.

4. Dress for the Terrain.

Consider the terrain of your wedding venue when deciding on a wedding gown. You may consider purchasing a second gown for your reception if your wedding will be during the warmer months. You don’t want to be overheating when everyone else is on the dance floor. You’ll also want to put some thought into your shoes, as sharp heels can sink into grass or soft ground. Make sure your shoes are comfortable and easy to walk in.

5. Keep your guests updated.

Wedding rings, wedding photography prices,red roses, bouquet, invitation suite, daisies

Use your wedding website or facebook page to keep everyone up to speed on any changes due to weather. Your website is also a great place to let guests know what to expect from your ceremony. Guests will be appreciative of any tips you can offer, such as-- what to wear, “The reception will be held outside on the grass, heels are discouraged.” Your guests will be thankful for any information ahead of time that will make them feel more prepared—and there will be less complaining about the weather or the outdoor venue.

6. Communicate with your vendors.

Not only should you let all your vendors know about both your outside wedding and your backup plan, but you should also ask them for advice. Chances are they’ve all worked at outdoor weddings before and can offer some tips for setting up the decor, best location for perfect lighting at your ceremony time, and any other concerns you may have. The more advice you can get, the better equipped you’ll be!

 7. Consider a sound system.

Unless you’re having a pretty small group, it can be hard for guests in the back rows to hear what’s being said during the ceremony. Being outside you may have to talk over the wind and other outside noises. A simple sound system is an easy fix. Ask your DJ if they can provide one. Your venue may offer something as well. You can use lavalier mics if hand held microphones will be too distracting.

8. Plan Transportation.

If there is a good distance between your ceremony and the reception area, talk to the venue about means of transportation they offer for your guests. Most large venues have golf carts or shuttles on hand.

9. Be flexible.

Your wedding may not go exactly as you planned, and that’s okay! Just roll with it and make the most of every moment. Prepare for rain, have umbrellas on hand for some romantic rainy portraits in case of a shift in the weather. Instead of worrying about what may go wrong, enjoy what goes right and remember that the most important thing is you’re finally married to your soul mate!



8 Must have Bridal Portraits

Bridal Portraits are an important part of your Wedding album. Be sure to have your photographer capture all the Must have shots of you on your big day!


1.Behind the Veil

How many times in your life will you actually wear a veil? Be sure to capture soft, romantic images of you "hiding" behind it. Not all brides will wear them. It is just personal preference. If you do decide to wear a veil, have your photographer get up close for some interesting bridal portraits or for some couple photos.

2. All about the dress

Your dress is probably the number one most important garment of your big day. So take as many bridal portraits as you can in your gown. If there are special or intricate details, your photographer will be sure to photograph them. Remember... it’s all about the dress!

3. At your Venue

You didn't decide lightly on the place you & your spouse would exchange vows. Embrace the space! Have a few Bridal Portraits taken with your venue as the backdrop. Most venues take pride in their aesthetics and will have dreamy areas around the property that will make your Bridal Portraits pop!

4. In Motion

Move around in your gown. Walk towards the camera. Twirl. Glide. Giving your pictures a more natural (in the moment) look. Most of the time, candid photos in between posing are some of the best portraits to remember your wedding day.

5. All the Beauty

You have had your hair done & paid a professional for the perfect makeup application. Let your photographer get up close & personal to capture your beauty.


6. Beaming Bride

Raw emotions and candid moments make for great memories. Don't hold back.

7. Full Length

From head to toe and every angle. Leave nothing out! Every Bride wants a full shot of their dress!


8. Magic Hour

Sunset is the most flattering light. Take advantage of the Natural golden light of the evening sun. Sometimes this isn’t possible due to the weather, but a seasoned photographer will have plenty of ideas to provide beautiful Bridal Portraits no matter what.

sunset portraits


9 Must Have Couple Photos for Wedding

Our favorite Couple Photos for your wedding day!

1. Forehead Kiss.

This is an intimate moment shared during the couple photos that we love to capture. The Bride will hold onto his arm and lightly intwine her fingers with his.


2.So Close, yet so far away

The moment before the kiss. The still silent as you lean into each other.



Forehead touching pose3.Forehead Touch

So serene. With the lack of privacy on your wedding day, take this moment to just breathe together.



Looking Back Pose4. The Chase

Your wedding day is packed , try a less formal pose by capturing the couple escaping from the action of the big day! Groom leads while bride takes a quick peek back to photographer.



old hollywood pose5. The Old Hollywood

A timeless romantic pose. Groom stands facing the bride while the bride’s back is to the camera. This is also a chance to capture the details of the back of the dress. The Bride will bring her  arm up and softly wrap it around the grooms neck. This captures the profile of both the bride and groom while keeping the body language soft yet structured.


6. Under the Veil

These are my favorite moments. During your Bride/Groom Portraits, take a moment to wrap up in your long gorgeous veil.



First Look7. The First Look

This perhaps, is the most single important pose that has come along recently. It’s a semi-pose because it’s set up. There are different ways to do your first look, but make sure your photographer is able to capture the bride and grooms reactions. Plus, a first look away from the guests means that your nerves will be calmed when it comes time to walk down the isle.



grand exit, couple wedding photo8. The Getaway

Whatever your plan for your exit may be, your photographer will be sure to capture the moment.



Lost in this moment Couple Wedding Photo9. Lost in this moment with you

Get lost in each other. Forget that you are being photographed. The most natural poses will be your favorite photos.



father-daughter dance, ricks place coweta

Father-Daughter dance

Father-Daughter Dance

They have unknowingly practiced her whole life for this moment. From standing on his toes dancing around the  living room to the Valentine's Day Father-Daughter dance at the Community Center.
Every girls first hero is her dad. He sets the bar for every man who will enter into her life.
The memories of holding her for the first time in the delivery room, kissing her knees while teaching her to ride without training wheels and comforting her after her first heartbreak all come flooding back when he sees her step out of the Bridal Suite. He fights back the tears as she interlocks her arm with his.
Onto the longest walk of his life. Walking her down the isle to the man he will intrust with her future. As he says "Her mother and I" and kisses her on the cheek, he can rest assured that she will be okay.


“Should I do first looks”?

First looks the new trend

It isn't the traditional way of waiting for your groom to see his bride as she walks towards him down the isle. It does however, offer you a few special moments together on your most special (& busiest) day.   Most couples are opting to see each other before their I Do's. I want to hit on a few Pro's of why I feel this is something every couple should consider for their wedding day.


You're my clarity

ricks place, coweta, oklahoma sunset, first looks, bridal portraits, tulsa wedding photographer

First looks

If you are like me then your significant other is often your breath of fresh air. Your clarity amongst the chaos. Something about seeing them just makes everything else stand still and seem so small. 

Even if it is just for a brief moment. Just a glance may be all you need to calm the swarm of emotions building up inside you.

Cocktail Hour

How many times are you at a wedding during the reception wondering when the Dynamic duo are going to make their grand entrance? Most of the time the Family Portraits and Couple Photos follow the ceremony. This cuts into the time that the couple gets to spend at cocktail hour. The time that they could be mingling with their guests that have traveled to share in this special union. By doing First looks, you can shorten the time you leave your guests alone at the open bar. macrame, glass chapel, tulsa wedding, broken arrow, cocktail hour

Bridal Party & Family Portraits

First looks isn't just for the bride and groom. You can knock out the bridal party portraits as well as a majority of family shots following your first looks.

Let your family know to arrive an hour before the ceremony is to start for their moment in front of the camera. Family portraits can be short and sweet following the ceremony. But by waiting until the open bar has open, you are chancing many members detouring to cocktail hour before making their way to the designated area for that group shot. We all have that one Uncle Bob who might be stumbling into the family portraits if given the chance to start celebrating early. Most people would rather be at the bar mingling than having to pose for portraits anyway.


Talk to your Photographer

If you have already discussed doing first looks to your photographer then they have already scouted out that perfect location. They have judged the area. Made sure that it is a secure area away from the guests. A place of serenity where the light will lay around you just perfectly. Somewhere to capture the look of your soon to be spouse's reaction as they see you for the first time in your Wedding gown you spent countless hours searching for.

If you are worried about ruining the surprise of your groom seeing you from the end of the isle, You aren't!  There are so many emotions on this day. As you see each other from opposite ends of the isle those emotions will surface. You will both laugh. He will most certainly cry. You photographer will capture it all!


What is your decision?

There is nothing wrong with keeping it traditional. It has worked for so many couples since the beginning. Be sure to group with your photographer about creating a timeline that will ensure you make the most of your time & your cocktail hour! Hahahaha!

I hope this has helped any questions you may have about First Looks. Be sure to Follow our blog for weekly posts.




Why you should print through your photographer

Reasons to Print through your Photographer

I have always been a lover of flipping through photo albums at any given chance. To relive the memories through something tangible, there is no better feeling.

We live in such a digital age that the next generation will be left with sim cards and hard drives full of moments they won't remember. I urge my clients to print their portraits. Leave the future something to hold.

Below is an example of why I believe you should leave the printing up to your photographer.

Reason to Print N0. 1

I had a client reach out to me because she was ready to place her gallery order. One of the images she requested was a 16×24 wrapped canvas. When I uploaded the image into my lab I was not happy with the crop and knew that I had to make adjustments to it. I took the photo into photoshop and did the necessary editing to make sure that when I placed the final image back in the lab that it would look like it should.

Most clients do not understand the extra work that goes into making sure your image fits perfectly into the size requested. Your photographer has access to the original file and can make alterations to the RAW file without sacrificing quality.

I know that sometimes when you see the prices of your photographers prints, you might Gasp! a little on the inside and decide to go to some chain store to save money. Your photographer has your best interest in mind when you order through them. I make sure that every image ordered fits into the desired size perfectly. Sometimes I may even tweak it a little bit just to make sure that it is 100%!

No. 2

The paper my professional lab uses is top quality as well. It is safe from fading. Your photo may hang on a wall that is prone to have sunlight on it, the UV safe paper used protects your investment.

The ink from the chain stores is equivalent to that found in your printer at home. The color corrections are anything but correct & images can come out grainy and distorted.

No. 3

My job doesn't end when I hit "submit order." I continue working for you even after you package arrives. I hand check every image I receive before delivering it to you. I do fully trust my lab, but I work for you and don't leave any stone unturned.

You receive your investment in a beautifully wrapped boutique box that I will proudly put my name and brand on. I LOVE mail day. Something about seeing my clients printed out and laid in front of me makes me giddy. I know that they will be just as happy as I am when they open it up.

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Being a Boss Mom

  I absolutely love being a Boss-Mom.

I answer to myself and get to spend time with my kiddos, as a result.

For me, it has always been this way. I don't think I was made to be work under someone. I have always worked for family. I started at the age of 12 at my grandparents marina. Fast Forward 7 years and I was in charge of the place. When our oldest was born she acquired a little corner of the store where her playpen stayed. During the day when we made our rounds on the golf cart- she tagged along.

We knew we wanted something a little bigger for ourselves. We bought a house in Broken Arrow and began work for my in-laws.

Many people will tell you to never work for family. I don't agree. Who has your best interest at heart more than your family?

I became pregnant with our second daughter in 2011 & found out that bringing her to work with me wasn't going to be a possibility. I opted to stay home and find something that I enjoyed to do my part for income. I babysat for a while, but that was a test of patience. I barely want to be around my own kiddos when they throw tantrums- so why let some else's spawns be the reason for my wrinkles?


More than a hobby

I have always loved taking photographs. I was the girl in school who spent every penny of her allowance and birthday money on disposable cameras or film for my little red fuji camera.  My husband bought me my first digital camera for Mothers Day one year. Taking photos of our daughters was my favorite thing to do. I decided to give taking portraits for other families a shot and make a little side money while doing it.

As most women do, I compared myself to others and became my biggest critic. With my husband as my cheerleader and coach, I decided to branch off into the world of Weddings.


Our first Wedding

We booked our first wedding & will be eternally grateful to the bride and groom for giving us our start. For trusting in us enough to get it right. They are friends of ours, so it means even more that we were such a Special part of their day. It has been one of our most favorite weddings out of the dozens that we have photographed to date. Detail shots quickly became my favorite part of the day. I was able to go off solo and let my creativity flow into each shot. This wedding was full of personalized touches. If you want to check out the highlights from it---here is the link  https://specialpixels.pixieset.com/kaylaandbarry/

                                         Daughter #3

2016 brought us another daughter. We were so excited to do the journey all over. Older and more appreciative of how fast time flies. Determined to get the most out of every moment, we turned down weddings left and right.

Was it a set back? Absolutely. Not having the product to advertise with on social media platforms kind of put us out of the loop in the wedding community. I wasn't going to give up on this. I was a girl with GOALS! A five year plan to allow my husband to quit his 8- 5 job outside of the home and be able to supplement his income with more Weddings and photography jobs.

We have brought our business game up significantly and have learned quite a bit in the process. I have had to learn things that I wish I didn't. I thought life as a photographer would just be taking portraits, developing, delivering, repeat. Nope! There is  a business end to it that I didn't take into consideration. Man would I love to go back to school for Business and Marketing. I take every job as a learning experience & nothing for granted.


I am beyond blessed to have the support group that I do. From family, friends and repeat faces that grace the front of my lens. I am always meeting new people and learning new things about myself. I am a Boss Mom! Does that mean that my kiddos mind me all the time, not at all. I get to set my own hours and the world is my backdrop. I let my creativity flow freely & express myself through my work. Each job is different & there are never any dull moments.