5 Tips To Look Your Best In Camera

  • Step 1- Always get Engagement photos done by your Wedding Photographer if possible. This give you bonding time with your Photographer as well as gets you comfortable with your Photographers shooting style and posing.
  • Step 2- While posing for a picture, make sure to keep your body at a good angle away from camera while your chin is towards your Photographer. This helps keep double chins out of the picture.
  • Step 3- Shift your weight to one leg. This is what we call popping a leg. Doing this will make for more eye catching flattering curves.
  • Step 4- Try to keep your arms slightly away from your body and a slight bend in your elbow. This prevents looking hefty. This is very important especially if you have a sleeveless dress.
  • Step 5- Remember… Laughter is the most relaxed natural look and makes for the Best pictures. Anytime you are posed in front of the camera, think of the funniest thing that has ever happened to you or just plain out giggle! 
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